Assurance and God’s Un-Crossed Fingers

Through leadership development, networking across the church, gathering online and in person.

Developing Church Budget

Through leadership development, networking across the church, gathering online and in person, and offering support through each diocese and province, we strive to create a community of leaders and young adults engaged in mission and ministry together.

Serving God and neighbor is at the heart of every Christian’s life. The forms and methods of such service can vary, as do the vocations and talents of people. They complement each other as members of a living organism. In this church body, all are connected by a single love and all serve each other and God.

The Bible answers the most important questions about the meaning of human existence, reveals the past and future of mankind, and points the way to salvation from sin, disease, and even death.

Morsemere Community Church

Admittedly, there aren’t a whole lot of guarantees in the church planting journey, and we’re certainly not promised “success” year after year. This is about taking a giant step of faith and taking uncomfortable risks for God, right? So it only makes sense that our church budgets would reflect that!

Even if you’re not a “spreadsheet” kind of guy, developing a budget for your first year of church planting is strangely exciting. It requires a tremendous amount of faith (since you’re largely just declaring numbers out of thin air with no past years’ performance to compare to), but it’s also one of those incredibly helpful steps that begins to transform a lofty 30,000 foot vision into a more “boots on the ground” reality.

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